What is the DRPI Online Training Platform?

This online training platform was developed based on DRPI’s approach to monitoring the human rights situation for people with disabilities.  Through this training, participants will deepen their knowledge on the human rights of people with disabilities. They will also develop their skills on how to prepare for and conduct interviews and focus groups with people with disabilities both in-person and using the online interview tool. By the end of the training, participants will understand how to consolidate the data they collect in order to use it as a way forward for advancing the rights of people with disabilities.

What is Disability Monitoring?

Monitoring involves collecting and verifying information about human rights abuses. More comprehensive information on the experiences of people with disabilities could be a powerful tool for promoting the social change needed to realize the full participation and equality of people with disabilities. Credible and accurate data about the human rights situation of people with disabilities can persuade governments that abuses are occurring and that action is needed to fulfil human rights obligations.

About DRPI

Disability Rights Promotion International (DRPI) is a collaborative project to establish a comprehensive, sustainable international system to monitor human rights of people with disabilities. Monitoring is an empowering activity because it:

  • provides a voice to marginalized people
  • enhances public awareness by documenting abuses and violations
  • reinforces a collective identity among persons with disabilities
  • supports efforts to achieve social justice

Viewing disability as a human rights issue emphasizes that people with disabilities are holders of rights, not objects of charity. People with disabilities are entitled to enjoy the same rights and freedoms as all other people. A human rights perspective highlights the responsibility of governments to ensure all citizens equally enjoy their rights and freedoms and can participate fully in society. The international human rights treaties and national human rights laws of the last few decades contain principles of equality and non-discrimination that can be used to promote and protect the rights of people with disabilities.