1. Do I need to register in order to complete the training?

Yes. If you do not register, you will only have access to the first Module. Also, by registering you can save your progress and return to the training at a later time that is convenient for you.

2. How do I register for the training?

Users can register for training by going to the home page and clicking on the Register link. Once a username and password is created, users can login on the right hand side. Users will then be asked to create their profile.

There are two buttons on the profile page. The Training button will take the user to the training course.

3. How long will the training course take to complete?

We encourage users to complete the training at their own pace. We estimate that each module will take approximately two hours to complete. This will vary among users. It is important that you complete each lesson and module at your own pace. After a lesson or module is completed, your progress can be saved. You can then return to the training at a later time to continue.

4. I have read all the lessons in the first module, but I cannot access the next module. What should I do?

First, make sure you are registered for the course. If you are not registered you cannot access subsequent modules. After you finish each lesson you must click on the Mark Complete button. There will then be a green check mark next to each lesson indicating that the lesson is complete. Once the lessons are complete, you must then mark the module complete before you can move on to the next module.

5. Why do I have to complete each lesson before I can move on to the next lesson or module?

This training course is set up to optimize your learning. Pedagogically, lessons have been designed in an intentional way and placed in a particular order based on 15 years of field-testing and feedback from people with disabilities.

6. I want to see a previous lesson that I have completed. How do I access it?

There are two ways to access previously completed lessons and modules.

First, On the right of your screen there is a Module Navigation menu. Within this menu you will find previous lessons and modules, which you can access by clicking on the relevant links.

Second, at the top of page you will find a Modules link in the menu. Your lessons and modules will be listed here as well.

7. Can I redo a quiz after I complete it?

Yes, you can take the quiz again by clicking on the relevant quiz in one of the module navigation menus.

8. Are transcripts available for the videos?

Yes, below each video we post there is a Transcript of Video link. Click on the bar to view the transcript. Click on the bar again to hide it.

9. How do I turn on AMARA closed captioning

First, ensure that the YouTube close captioning is turned off. The close captioning button for YouTube is on the bottom right side of the YouTube video. When YouTube close captioning is on, a red line will appear under the button. Make sure there is no red line.

Next, turn on AMARA close captioning by clicking on the close captioning button on the bottom left side of the YouTube video. When AMARA captioning is on, the close caption button will be light gray instead of dark gray. The image below shows each of these buttons. You will notice that the YouTube close caption button does not have a red line below it and the AMARA close captioning button is light gray.This image highlights the YouTube close caption button on the right and the AMARA close caption button on the left.

10. I cannot load a video. What should I do?

You may need to enable java on your web browser. How to do so will depend on the web browser you are using.

Chrome: click on your menu > Settings > Under Privacy, click on Content Settings > Under JavaScript, click on Allow All sites to run JavaScript (recommended)

Firefox: Menu > Add-ons > Plugins > Java ™ Platform > Ask To Activate

Internet Explorer:  Tools > Internet Options > Select the Security tab >  Custom Level >  Scripting of Java applets > Enable  > Click OK to save your preference

11. Can I play a video with subtitles in full-screen mode?

When you start playing a video with subtitles on Amara video page and then click a full-screen button in the video player, the subtitles disappear. This happens because due to a technical limitation of the video player (Flash), subtitles cannot be displayed in a full-screen mode.

However, you still can increase the size of the video player to the screen size and be able to see the subtitles. To do so, just zoom in the part of the browser page with the video player to make the video as large as you like.

To zoom in — hold CTRL (or COMMAND) key and press + (plus sign) key until you reach the desired zoom

To zoom out — hold CTRL (or COMMAND) key and press (minus sign) key until you reach the desired zoom

To restore the default zoom — hold CTRL (or COMMAND) key and press 0 (zero) key

12. Can I share this training course with other people?

Yes, we have included Twitter and Facebook links throughout the training modules to encourage participants to share their learning with others. You can also share the link with your friends and colleagues who can then register for the training.

13. Can I link to this training website from my website?